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Celtic Skies, Book 3 in the Celtic Steel Series – LAUNCH DAY!

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Celtic Skies, Book 3 in the Celtic Steel Series


NOMINATED: Best Books of August, 2012, GoodReads.com

5 STARS “Right off the bat it had me captured, I couldn’t put it down and read for hours into the night! There was a lot more going on this time but it made me cry in some parts and some I just “had my hand to my mouth” in aw through the whole thing. As always with the last two it left me in wanting more – so much that I am looking forward to October when the next part is out.” – Krystina

5 STARS “Of the first 3 books in the Celtic Steel series this is my favorite. I really enjoyed the first two but this one just caught my attention and wouldn’t let me stop until I finished it.” – Stacey


“An phenomenal paranormal experience.”
“An engaging science fiction tale that will keep you on your toes.”
“The best historical romance I’ve read in some time.”


“Great read couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. You rank up there with Diana Gabaldon of the Outlander series.” ~ B. Breen

“The last time I had just a detailed landscaped story in my mind was after reading The Hobbit by Tolkien.” – Christina
Product Description
Celtic Skies
Celtic Steel, Book 3

Flynn Montgomery has just taken a new commission as the chieftan of O’Malley clan troops in Western Ireland. His cousin, Patrick MacCahan-O’Malley, is the Lord of the O’Malley clan; and they are expanding their shipping enterprise across the seas. Flynn is needed in O’Malley territory to lead the clan’s defense and military operations.

O’Malley lands are far from his home in the Shiant Islands of Scotland. A highlander by descent, Flynn is well respected among his people, but unknown to the Irish clan he is bid to serve. Will the O’Malley clan grow to accept him as one their own?

Is someone stealing the MacCahan and O’Malley clan ships? The O’Malley Lord, his brother Payton, and Ruarc O’Connell, the former chieftan, must investigate the strange disappearance of three vessels and ensure the clan’s safety during their absence. Are there pirates on the sea, or could this be the work of a much darker force?

Dervilla O’Malley has watched as her sister and friends have found love. Are the goddesses ignoring her? Is she destined to remain alone as most of the women of O’Malley territory; or will her knowledge of clan maps and nautical charts introduce her to a life she never imagined?

Another Great 5 Star Review for Celtic Shores

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I thought I rated this already but it was in the wrong area…so here is my opinion about Celtic Skies: Right off the bat it had me captured, I couldn’t put it down and read for hours into the night! There was a lot more going on this time but it made me cry in some parts and some I just “had my hand to my mouth” in aw through the whole thing. As always with the last two it left me in wanting more so much that I am looking forward to October when the next part is out…I am going to re-read this one in hopes of making the time past as I am anxious for part 4 of the Celtic series!! Oh and it is not giving me an option for a rating so I would rate it as a “5″ FANTASTIC! – Krystina

The original review can be found here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13458940-celtic-skies#other_reviews

5 Star Review of Celtic Storms, Book 1 in the Celtic Steel Series

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Bravo, Ms. Rhodes you must have been or are a great soap opera writer for a series. I have to say I have a LOVE, HATE feeling for this series.


I love it because it’s a wonderful story line which is woven around a period in histroy, that is, very much, to this day, shrouded in mystery and intregue. The time of the Druid PriestS and Priestesses. You’ve skillfully blended in the christen and pagen views as well. I love the characters and the period that you have so skillfully created. It both captures the mind and the fuels the imagination. So, you might ask whats to HATE?


I hate that I never saw it coming. You dragged the reader, me, into the plot and kept me turning those pages. So intent on reaching that all satisfying end. The one that leaves you smiling like the Cheshire cat and signing like a replete lover. Then you show me the light shining across the broad expense and send me flying on the feet of fool into the clearing. The next thing I know, I AM THERE.

WHERE YOU SAY???? Hanging on the cliff by my fingernails, which I must say are very short, hooked like a big mouth bass whose only option, to reach the end, is to buy the next story in the series. I Hate cliffhangers, but what can I do?? You caught me fair and square. So I bought the next one.

You better hurry up and write the others AS you say at the end of Celtic Storms there are at least four others to come.

BRAVO, MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU. YOU HAVE A WINNER OF A SERIES. Who can stop in the middle of anything so spectacular- NOT ME, THAT’S FOR SURE.

Review: Joyce Ruskuski, Amazon


Author Delaney Rhodes, now offering FREE Kindlegraph’s

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Delaney Rhodes can digitally autograph and personalize her books via KindleGraph.com

Kindlegraph lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures (“kindlegraphs”) directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans.

To have me Kindlegraph a book for you, simply send a request via Kindlegraph.com.



5 Star Review of Celtic Shores

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Celtic Shores Took Me by Storm!, June 1, 2012
This review is from: Celtic Shores, Book 2 in the Celtic Steel Series (Kindle Edition)

Let me start by saying fantasy/romance novels are normally not my cup of tea. But, a friend of mine told me about this book. I was intrigued, to say the least. So I had to read if for myself. Best decision I ever made. Celtic Shores actually took me by storm!

It’s set in late medieval Ireland with twists and turns of paranormal activities and paganism, just to name a few. There are so many elements to this book… and they actually work together, keeping you on edge. The most interesting character by far is the conflicted priest, Father MacArtrey. He helps the sick and the poor, but is hated by the pagan O’Malleys; he is also the unwilling servant of the evil Odetta who destroyed the monastery where he formerly lived; yet he does his best to thwart her evil schemes, and is in the end thrown into a dungeon for his efforts.

Celtic Shores also gave me a better understanding of Irish history and Celtic Culture. The author was able to pull all these elements together to create the most heart warming and tantalizing story yet! Great read. Looking forward to more. Definitely a new fan :) .

Celtic Skies, Book 3 in the Celtic Steel Series – PROLOGUE sneak peak

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Book 3 in the Celtic Steel Series
June, 2012


Shiant Islands, Scotland
April, 1458

She was beautiful when she was angry, and she was more than beautiful today. Aisling McTavish had broken every single piece of fine pottery and glassware her nimble hands could grasp. As it stood, the finery hutch was bare, as was the large oak dining table. The walls were nearly blank as well and all of the servants had escaped a safe distance away, hiding behind the brocade curtains which veiled the dining area from the kitchens.

Not one given to dramatics, Flynn simply sat down on the bench, hands in hair, elbows on knees – and sighed. “Aisling, I know this is no’ what ye wished for, my luv…” he started.

“Oh no ye don’t!” she screeched. “Ye don’t get to pretend ye didn’t know this was a’ coming, Flynn Montgomery!” Long blonde hair whipped through the air and slapped him in the face. She turned to exit the room but stopped abruptly. Flynn heard the tell-tale sound of Aisling’s leather slippers scooting backwards into the dining hall and he looked up just in time to catch his father’s pale green eyes.

Farrell Montgomery held even less patience for female theatrics than his son. Farrell was indeed a giant of a man who was typically short on patience. Brawny and gruff, he had an attractive charming quality that vanished the second he opened his tight pinched mouth.

“Why Farrell, ‘tis so nice to see ye on such a bonny day as this,” started Aisling toward her future father-in-law.

“Aisling, what is all this fuss about? What has happened to my dear wife’s, God rest her soul, play pretty plates and pottery?” His growl escalated as he surveyed the destruction in the dining hall. Clinching Aisling about her shoulders, he lifted her off the ground nearly two feet and she hung limply like a rag doll before him, a dangled mess of blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Da!” shouted Flynn. “Da – ye must put her down, this instance.” Grabbing Aisling by the hand, Flynn led her to a nearby stool and reprimanded her with his eyes before turning to his father.

“Da – I was just explaining the situation to Aisling, and she is not taking the news verra well,” said Flynn, resting his hands on his hips as he looked up to his father. Nearly four inches more than six feet tall, there weren’t many people that Flynn Montgomery had to look up to. Except for Farrell, who had a good two inches on his eldest and only son.

“Aye – what of the situation?” asked Farrell.

“I’ll tell ye!” shouted Aisling standing up in feigned courage, sticking her nose in the air. “When Flynn and I were handfasted last Beltane; it was with the understanding that we would reside here, on the island after our wedding.”

“And what of it?” growled Farrell.

“Well – yer son here has been telling me that we are to move to Ireland, and I am no’ going!”

“Is that so?” asked Farrell nonchalantly.

“Why – yes it is,” she responded calmly.

“I see,” he replied grabbing a flask from his belt and taking a long swig of sour Scottish whiskey. “And pray tell how do you intend to repay the bride price we have given yer family?”

Aisling’s face grew red and she broke out in a cold sweat. “What do you mean a bride price? There was no bride price given for me!” she screamed.

“Aye – there was,” interrupted Flynn. “A considerable one at that,” he said as he shook his head.

“As I see it,” Farrell broke in, “Ye would owe us a great deal of coin should the marriage fall through. T’would be most unfortunate, indeed.”

Aisling balled her hands into fists and clenched her teeth. “I was bought like a common whore?” she shouted towards Flynn.

“More like a common horse,” Farrell replied between chuckles. “Aisling my dear, we paid a fair bride price for ye, and ye know that my son Flynn is more than suited for ye. He is, after all, a nobleman’s son,” he smirked.

“A nobleman’s son – my lily white arse,” she retorted.

“Ye see,” said Farrell pointing to his son. “The MacTavish’s were more than well compensated for their troubles. They’ve only dealt with this little minx for going on – what now – how old are ye Aisling?” he paused. “Oh that’s right, going on nigh to twenty-two summers I ‘spose now. Some might say yer a spinster dear. Much too old for Flynn, with him being nearly thirty summers, but we couldn’t talk him out of it; although his mother and I sure tried.”

Aisling flung the last tray from the dining table and it struck Farrell solidly in the chest – leaving a heap of dried fruit and bread in its wake. Positioning himself between his betrothed and his father, Flynn grasped them both by the shoulders and grew oddly quiet.

“Aisling, ye accepted me proposal of marriage. This business about the business of marriage contracts does no’ matter, it’s not between us – it’s between our families. I am leaving on the Sarysin on the morrow. I’ve a commission to fulfill. I am to be the new chieftan of the O’Malley clan forces. It’s an honorable and prestigious position – I should think you would be happy to be a lady about the manor.”

Aisling’s eyes grew wide and the anticipation of wealth and status washed across her face. She never was good at holding her ideas, Flynn thought to himself. Farrell snorted and Aisling blushed.

He continued, “I’m leaving at first light. It will be nearly a fortnight before I reach me cousin’s clan as we are stopping at two ports with merchandise. I’ll give you two fortnights to join me there. Da can get you on a galley going that way without any stops. If you don’t arrive in two fortnights the marriage is off. Do you ken what I’m saying?” he asked her.

She nodded as tears welled in her eyes.

“Da – if she doesna’ make it to the galley in time tomorrow, ye can speak with her family about either making arrangements to get her there or getting yer coin back for the bride price. At any rate, I’ll expect word to arrive by the time I get there.”

“I want more,” the elder Montgomery grumbled.

“Ye want more than the bride price?” Aisling asked. “For what – yer troubles in dealing with the likes of me?” she asked, shrugging her shoulders and highlighting her barely five foot frame.

“I want more – to repay the fancy trinkets and dining wares ye broke that belonged to my Ellen,” he replied, pain washing over his face.

“I’ll replace those, Da,” Flynn said as he loosened his grip on the two.

Turning to Aisling, Farrell commanded, “I expect ye to clean this mess up and ye’ll spend the afternoon washing in the kitchens.”

“And, ye’ll do it to,” Flynn added, looking down at his fiancé, the love of his life, the woman he feared he would never see again.

Delaney Rhodes Interviews Paranormal Author: Scott Prussing

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Delaney Rhodes Interviews Paranormal Author: Scott Prussing

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in New Jersey and went to college and grad school in Connecticut. I have degrees in psychology from the University of Connecticut and Yale University. After graduate school, I was smart enough to move to beautiful San Diego, California, where I live just four blocks from the ocean. In addition to writing, I enjoy riding my bike along the coast, going to the movies (not renting), reading books of all types, golf and hiking.

I’m single (but looking!) I recently took early retirement from a career in health education and preventive wellness to concentrate on writing.

I’m the author of the three books in the paranormal romance series Blue Fire Saga (Breathless, Deathless, and Helpless). I’m working on the fourth (Fearless) and hope to release it in June or July. I’ve also written two mystery/suspense novels (Unturned Stones and Tangled Webs), a teen romance Mine: A Love Story, whose plot is based on the hit songs of Taylor Swift, and a fantasy adventure novel called Dreams of the Last Born.

2. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I remember exactly when it started. I was inspired by an article I read in the local newspaper shortly after I graduated college. It was about a fourteen-year-old boy who was writing a Lord of the Rings type novel. LOTR is my all-time favorite book, and I thought “I could do that.” So even though I had avoided all courses that required writing in college, I started writing my own book—in ball point pen on a legal pad. I ended up with an eight hundred page Lord of the Rings rip-off. The writing wasn’t very good, but that’s what got me started. That manuscript no longer exists, thank goodness.

3. Tell us a little bit about your Blue Fire Saga series – without giving too much away, of course!

My Blue Fire Saga is a modern paranormal romance series in the mode of Twilight and Vampire Diaries, but filled with lots of new ideas and creations, such as one-fanged vampires (crippled versions of the real thing) and supernatural vampire hunters called volkaanes. There are currently three books in the series (Breathless, Deathless and Helpless, with Fearless due out in July.) I’m proud to say that most reviewer and readers so far have remarked on the unique aspects of the series, saying things about Breathless like “breathes new life into the vampire genre,” “is a breath of fresh air,” “is a new twist on things that go bump in the night,” and is a book that “breaks out of the predisposed storyline that tends to follow the vampire romance genre.”

The main character is college freshman Leesa Nyland. She has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old, because that’s when her mom started acting weird, insisting sunlight hurt her skin because she’d been bitten by a one-fanged vampire. But fascinated doesn’t mean Leesa believes. Any more than she believes in blue fire, people who live for centuries, and kisses that can kill. But when her beloved older brother suddenly disappears, she is forced to consider all these and more. She also has to figure out what to do about her mysterious new boyfriend. She knows Rave likes her a lot—so why won’t he kiss her?

I don’t want to reveal too much here, but as the series has evolved, I’ve added plenty of new twists and surprises (zombie pit pulls, anyone?). Leesa has grown enormously as a person as she confronts new obstacles to her happiness and safety, and that of her friends and family.

4. Since your Blue Fire Saga books are built around a college aged female and you are a somewhat older male, was it hard to put yourself into Leesa’s head?

I knew going in that this would be my biggest challenge. I wanted to make sure anything I wrote about clothes, music, dialogue, and thoughts and feelings rang true, so I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a female college student to be my (unpaid) “guide.” I heard back from several helpful women, but one stood out from the rest. Jessica was a junior at the time and was also interning at a small publishing company. I sent her sections that dealt with fashion, “girl talk,” etc. to make sure everything was realistic. Her insight and suggestions were invaluable. Amazingly, I’ve still never met Jessica in person.

5. If your book was being made into a movie do you already have actors in mind for each role? What bands/singers would you put on the soundtrack?

One of my friends suggested Taylor Swift for the female lead. What a combination that would be—Taylor in movie with vampires. A guaranteed hit, for sure!
I have a number of songs playing in the background in Breathless, so I guess those would fit right into the movie. Avril Lavigne, Pink, Led Zeppelin, Adele (Rolling in the Deep has “breathless” in the lyrics, so it’s a perfect fit!)

6. If you had the chance to co-author a book with anyone who would it be and why?
It’s not possible, of course, but I’d love to co-author a book with Mark Twain. He was a wonderful combination of wit, wisdom and storytelling. I’ve actually been fooling around with a “mash-up” version of Huckleberry Finn with vampires and zombies. It’s fun writing in the voice of Huck Finn.

7. What is the first book that you remember reading?

Well, other than Dr. Seuss, Dick and Jane, and other children’s books, the first real book I remember reading was Tarzan of the Apes. I think I was about seven at the time. I loved it. I read every book Burroughs wrote (Tarzan series, Mars series, Venus series, At the Earth’s Core series… close to 50 books in all). I read most of them more than once. He was a wonderful and imaginative storyteller.

8. Tell us 10 random facts about yourself?

1) I have never had a cell phone.
2) I’ve read Lord of the Rings at least seven or eight times – and have seen the movies a bunch of times, too.
3) I wrote the story and game design for several early computer games back in the early 90’s, including one based on the Batman Returns movie. I have an unopened copy of the game, which is on floppy disk!
4) I have never taken anything to the dry cleaners.
5) I have not worn a tie in more than twenty years.
6) I ride my bike or walk down by the beach virtually every morning.
7) I own only about two dozen CD’s, but they are an eclectic collection ranging from The Zombies, Cream and The Moody Blues to The Grateful Dead and the Eagles to Meat Loaf and Boston to Lorrie Morgan and Sheryl Crow to Barenaked Ladies and Avril Lavigne. Plus Dave Koz and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
8) I go to lots of movies, usually in the morning, when they are cheaper and never crowded. Twice, I’ve had the whole theater to myself. For comedies, I try to go later when there are more people, because laughter is infectious.
9) The beach, the library, Trader Joe’s, my bank and the post office (not to mention over a dozen bars and restaurants) are all within 4 blocks of my apartment. I love where I live!
10) If I look up from my monitor when I’m writing, I can see palm trees out the window.

To learn all about my books and to order signed print copies visit http://www.scottprussing.com.
Follow me on Facebook http://wwwfacebook.com/scottprussingauthor
Ebooks available at Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004U6WM7E
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/breathless-scott-prussing/1103450265 http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/87871

If you are an independent author and would like to be featured, contact delaney@delaneyrhodes.com

Review of Celtic Shores, Book 2 in the Celtic Steel Series

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Review of Celtic Shores
by Reviews by Annie

Celtic Shores is a historical romance novel by Delaney Rhodes. It is the second book in the Celtic Steel Series. Before I go into any detail, this book contains some explicit language including mature themes meant for adults.

This story is a continuation of the first book, following the two MacCahan brothers Patrick and Parkin. One of the brothers, Patrick, had married into the O’Malley family. The O’Malley family is a rough, tough, swash-buckling group of women who fight and wield swords. The MacCahans are quite a bit different with Patrick MacCahan being somewhat reserved in his disposition. Parkin McCahan is now in a position to supervise a business endeavor involving both the MacCahan and O’Malley families. While on a business trip, Parkin’s ship is forced to sail past a legendary Island of Women while en route to the O’Malleys’ port. The Island of Women is known as being a place of very serious danger for men who trespass on the shores. Meanwhile, Kyra O’Connell is sent to the Island of Women as a spy after a spy is found among their own ranks in the family’s village. All the while, there’s a witch on the loose who is hell bent on throwing a wrench into anything the MacCahan brothers do.

The language is sort of lofty and refined, which is pretty fun to read and gives a more complete sense of the scenery in which the story is placed. The dialogue is written in an interesting way and makes the reader feel as though she is listening to Scottish-Irish people speaking without esoteric colloquialisms of the time that would be lost on the reader. It’s a mix of old and new dialects to allow the reader to understand what characters are saying without struggling to comprehend it.

There is also plenty of fantasy and folklore mixed into the story that makes this an interesting and dynamic read. While all of the action and drama surrounding the two families unfolds, the author delves into descriptions of Celtic folklore and mythical creatures that live and interact with the fictional world of Celtic Shores. The research into these creatures and stories was very thorough, which makes them mesh seamlessly in with the rest of the book while still providing that unique angle.

The appeal of this book is the element of temptation and desire. The story is meant to captivate your imagination and play games with your expectations, which makes this a compelling read. Readers will certainly be drawn into the tempting backdrop of the story while also feeling their emotions stimulating by the drama, romance, and struggle in the book. This particular author seems most interested in the sensations and feelings of a situation and will paint those details that give the reader a feel for sight, sound, smell, mood, and feel. It is interesting to see such a complete picture painted for every scene, but speaks to the detail in which the author wanted to present this story to the reader.

About the Book: Patrick MacCahan just became the new Laird of the O’Malley clan. His new position is met with many obstacles; including a tempestuous new wife, a two-decade long war with a neighboring village, a missing foster child and a pagan witch who overpowers the clan at every turn.

Parkin MacCahan’s life just got a lot more exciting. His older brother Patrick has married the eldest daughter of the O’Malley clan. His father is building a shipping empire off the coast of Northern Ireland. Parkin must oversee the operations and coordinate efforts between the O’Malleys and the MacCahans.

In order to dock at O’Malley port, Parkin and his men must sail past the legendary Island of Women. Will Parkin be able to withstand the temptation to trespass the legendary shore? Or will he be invited?

Kyra O’Connell has resided in O’Malley territory all of her life. As the niece of the late Laird Dallin O’Malley, and daughter of the clan’s chieftan, she has been part of the inner circle for as long as she can remember. When a spy is found among the villagers, Kyra is asked to take up residence on the Island of Women and to infiltrate their ranks as a spy herself.

Buy the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/b0082Hnvay

About the Author: Of Irish and English descent, Romance Author Delaney Rhodes is a native Texan from birth. She is a Graduate with double Majors from The University of Houston, in Law and Writing. She has two teenage daughters, and is married to an entrepreneurial Husband. Three of her favorite people, are her three rescued Russian Blue cats; Sebastian, Sasha, and Sissy. The family would not be complete without “13″, an adopted Bearded Dragon.

Together they live life at a fast pace, enjoying each other and striving to help the world become a better place. Besides her writing and family – Ms. Rhodes is active in many charitable organizations that benefit animals and children, both through volunteering and fundraising.

Ms. Rhodes’ writing was prompted and inspired by many hours of research and study into her Irish and Celtic family lineage and heritage. Many of the stories you will find in the chapters of her writings were birthed while striving to connect with those that had walked these paths and lived before her.

Ms. Rhodes has been previously employed in executive positions within Fortune 500 oil and gas, information technology, and lumber products companies in corporate legal departments. She is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, West with several registered works.

Book Signing: Author Delaney Rhodes holds book signing…

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Author Delaney Rhodes holds book signing...

Book Signing

Delaney Rhodes, author of the Amazon.com top-selling Celtic Steel Series, is having a book signing on Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Where: Half Price Books
9743 FM 1960
Humble, TX 77338 *Greater Houston Area

When: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 1-3pm

What: Celtic Storms, Book 1 – Book is FREE to first 30 attendees, $5 cash each after that

Stop by and say hi!

Win a Signed Cover Flat of Celtic Storms, Book 1 in the Celtic Steel Series

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