February 6, 2012 – Celtic Storms is LIGHTING UP Amazon!

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Celtic Storms, Book 1 in the Celtic Steel SeriesIt’s been a great week! The first book in my Celtic Steel Series, Celtic Storms was published on Amazon as a FREE Kindle edition this past Friday, and is currently ranked #1 in the historical romance genre, and #7 overall for fiction.

There have been over 20,000 downloads so far and we are still going strong. That’s 20,000 units in 2 days! In addition to the many personal emails I have received, there are a number of good reviews listed on Amazon, GoodReads, AuthorsDen and Facebook.

I am simply ecstatic! This being my very first novel, and I self-published – I could not be happier.  The reviews that have come in have been well received and I’m listening to my readers. Genuine critique is a growth catalyst and I am not immune to improving. Keep them coming!

I am also happy to announce that I am half-way finished with the second in the series, Celtic Shores and it is coming along nicely. An excerpt is available for those interested at BookBuzzer – just click here.

Thank you all so much for supporting my work! Make it a great week!